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Global Tunnelling Experts can provide you with job offers from different construction companies around the world. That means that we can continuously provide you with new job opportunities - from short-term jobs of two to three weeks' duration to assignments on large-scale projects that last several months and include shift work spilleautomater. We can normally offer you work over the whole year - if you wish.

Our current job offers:

As soon as possible:

|  1 x TBM Fitter in Turkey  |  1 x Tunnel Agent in UK  |  1x TBM PLC Electrician in Turkey   |

From October 2017:

|  1 x TBM Operator Micro-Tunnelling in Argentina  |  1 x TBM Shift Engineer in UK  |  1 x TBM Mechanical Foreman in Singapore  |  4 x TBM Fitter in The Netherlands  |  1 x TBM Hydraulic Fitter in Canada  |  1 x TBM PLC Electrician in Canada   |

From November 2017:

|  1 x TBM Supervisor in UK  |  1 x TBM Welding Supervisor in UK  |  1 x TBM PLC Electrical Supervisor in UK  |  1 x TBM Mechanical Foreman in UK   |

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